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Suzhou ICY Cooler Electronic Co.,Ltd is an enterprise specializing in manufacturing peliter TE module and copper & aluminum heatsink. It provides the plan of design&research for refrigeration and radiation. We produce entire wrap production, which are produced by your need. Many excellent products and sincere service are provided to customers in the field of Peliter refrigeration since the company was founded in 2004.
Peliter TE Module is the nucleus product in our company. We succeeded in researching and developing tiny peliter TE Module at the beginning of 2005, which is used for radiation in the CPU and IC of the toy. As our technology improving, the Max power of peliter TE module have achieved 500W, which size is from10*10mm to 80*80mm. Specifications of peliter TE Module have achieved over 400. So our company can do better than any company.
Heatsink is made of copper and aluminum, which is one of main products in our company. There are complete equipment machines in our company. There is line cutter, automatic cutting machine, high accuracy milling machine, CNC milling machine and so on. Modules in our company operated are produced all by ourselves. and all kinds of heatsinks are produced, which is aluminum heatsink, hot pipe heatsink, insert piece heatsink, sun flower type heatsink as well as slot heatsink.


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